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In astrology, a cusp is the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac or houses in the horoscope. Because the solar disc has a.

For example, if the Solar Eclipse falls into your 7 th house, you may receive very positive or negative news from your spouse or close business partner that has a major impact on you for better or worse. This news could range from your partner securing a well-deserved but unexpected promotion to losing a job, or contracting a serious health problem. That being said however, expect the unexpected and you may be able to take crucial spontaneous action quickly enough to resolve the situation.


This is a symbol of the unlimited potential of human existence. The demand of human intelligence for self-refinement is the way in which greater understanding is made possible. Life encourages us to enjoy its bounty. It applauds the initiative of spirit that allows the individual to direct his or her own destiny and to enjoy life.

The keyword is Elucidation. When positive, this 19 th degree of Pisces brings high executive ability through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight. EST and the energy will finally become more diffused as of Friday the 11 th when the Moon moves into the steady sign of Taurus at p. Here comes the Sun! Despite some very mild temperatures this winter, the Northern hemisphere has experienced some of its biggest snowfalls and lowest average temperatures ever.

Set your clocks one hour ahead as of 2 a. Thursday the 17 th is St. On this day, Jupiter in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn for the second and final time since Jupiter entered Virgo in August of Jupiter is retrograde at this time so the effect may not be quite as financially beneficial as when Jupiter is in direct motion, but it is still positive. Go for it! Jupiter in Virgo is a quality control specialist, helping us to weed out expenses and activities in our lives that drain our finances and our energy. Today we can use the Plutonian power of the will to eliminate what no longer serves us and to reach for what does.

This action allows us to experience true strength.

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Ride the wave of this positive swell between Wednesday the 16 th and Sunday the 20 th for best results. A pub crawl scheduled for Thursday the 17 th in honor of St. Patrick will bring you in contact with some dear friends and a lot of lively chatter. The Moon in cozy Cancer today will be trine whimsical and witty Mercury in Pisces today as of p. Get the party started early!

Get the gang together tonight to make a toast to a healthy and enjoyable spring! Spring is sprung!

The Vernal Equinox is that magical day on Sunday the 20 th when the hours of day and night are equal and we move toward the light. This year the Vernal Equinox pushes the Sun into headstrong Aries just after midnight on Sunday the 20th at a. We stay in party mode with the lively Moon in Leo until p. The Moon then shifts into dutiful Virgo at p.

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The artistic and internal Pisces energy of early March has now rounded the bend— into energetic and entrepreneurial Aries! Happy Birthday Aries! Your Sun inspires us to be courageous and make bold new starts. Aries is a cardinal, action-taking sign known for its pioneering spirit. The youthful vigor of Aries is reflected in the spring flowers we begin to see shooting up from the ground this month. As a fire sign, it is intuitive and dramatic. Aries natives are famous for beginning more new projects than they can possibly carry through.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

They have a vigor and energy that is infectious! This is a good time of year for us all to begin new projects that spark our interest. Take up the Aries torch and blaze a new path this spring. Think of March as the planting time. Uranus began its seven-year journey in Aries in January of EDT, Uranus stands at 19 degrees Aries.

Uranus will make an exciting conjunction to Mercury in Aries on March 31 st , bringing our communications alive with the spirit of new beginnings. This lights a fire under our creative projects that have been dormant over the winter.


This eclipse takes place just after Jupiter now retrograde in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius at a. With Jupiter square Saturn there is a restlessness and a desire to drop projects and people who are not working in our best interest. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra just 2 hours later is quite the opposite and makes us wish we could please everyone.

The Venus-ruled nature of Libra creates a strong need within us to create harmony, diplomacy and peace, but these high ideals are not so easily attained.

With Jupiter in Virgo this year, we often feel guilty or inadequate without reason and today is no exception. There is a great feeling of disappointment that we cannot live up to our ideals, especially for those born in the Neptune in Libra generation of October to October This is a symbol of uncritical participation in group experience and the capacity of each individual to associate with others without inhibition.

The keyword is Amiability. When positive, there is skill in building morale among groups and toward groups reaching important objectives in life together.

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This Sabian Symbol makes it clear that we need to continue to work toward diplomacy and peace despite standoffs. Threatening rumblings of launching nuclear missiles at the U. The Sun on the 23rd day at 4 degrees Aries closely trines Mars at 6 degrees Sagittarius. This would indicate the protection of allies Aries with the help of those who consider themselves warriors for a cause Mars.

Mars in Sagittarius relates to religious fundamentalism. There is a need on the part of enthusiastic believers to want to convert others to their zealous point of view. It is best to limit overseas travel and travel through major U. Neptune and Venus conjunct in Pisces on the day of the Lunar Eclipse closely square both Saturn and Mars in Sadge this week, again alluding to victimization of innocents at the hands of political or religious fundamentalists.

Jupiter makes the other leg of this T-square with Saturn at its apex. Jupiter in Virgo conjunct the North Node makes an exact square to Saturn at 17 degrees Sagittarius on this day. The resulting pent-up energy is likely to eventually burst in explosive ways. Avoid people who seek confrontation this week and especially on the 23 rd. The Sun square to Saturn of March 6th is a discouraging aspect. A physical feeling of low energy accompanies this transit.

Loneliness and feelings of isolation make us feel that there is no one who will be sympathetic to our current issues. The good news is that this aspect of the Sun square Saturn is short lived because the Sun moves a degree each day. Saturn goes retrograde on Good Friday, March 25 th at a. For the next four and a half months, Saturn will be retrograde until Saturday, August 13 th. Saturn is the planet of self-discipline, management and control. Each year it takes a vacation of four and a half months to allow us to contemplate the structures that we have created in our lives and how those are affecting us.

For better or worse, we will be reflecting upon authority figures, corporations, government officials and government offices, laws, rules and ordinances that affect our lives during this period. It is appropriate that the presidential primaries take place during this time so that Americans will have a chance to really weigh the pros and cons of the candidates more carefully than they might.

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Saturn retrograde is known as a time when it is not best to start new enterprises. You want to build a strong foundation for any business or partnership that you are creating. Establishing a business or partnership will be much more favorably aspected if you wait until after August 13 th when both Jupiter and Saturn will have resumed direct movement. Sagittarius and Capricorn Sun sign natives and those who have prominent planets in Sagittarius and Capricorn will feel that they are jogging in jello during this period of March 25 th to August 13 th.

It seems as though it is almost impossible to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo this year, until August 7 th. The retrograde of the planet of expansion and good fortune has the effect of tightening our financial belts by more than several notches. Jupiter is the planet of the spiritual inner teacher, financial abundance, philosophy, religion, publishing and long distance travel. Many of us feel as though our abundance is on a starvation diet! With Jupiter in the conservative and analytical earth sign of Virgo, we have a stronger tendency than usual to see the glass half empty.

On March 7 th we reached the half way mark through the Jupiter Retrograde cycle which will end on May 9 th. It is important in the next two months between March and May to continue to be extra frugal but not to see the ongoing downturn in our fortunes as being permanent.