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In astrology, a cusp is the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac or houses in the horoscope. Because the solar disc has a.

It also sets the tone of your social life for the next 12 months. So, please make the effort to mix and mingle.

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If you do, expect this to continue and for expansion. If you stay home with that boxset — expect that to stay your theme too.

Launch those future making ideas — especially if they are visionary or entrepreneurial or involve anything to do with dealing with large groups of people. Sign up and join in. Fat Planet Jupiter turns retrograde in your 7 th from the 11 th , promising as it does, redelivery of anything from past opportunities, places or even partners.

However, do take special care if travelling especially around the period of 10 th th as Jupiter will throw in some delay tactics of its own at that point when it makes a hard angle to Mercury in your 10 th. Just bear in mind that Jupiter always wants to deliver good things and right now, any delays you may experience will most likely turn into benefits for you in the long term. You may even see the results of this around the 16 th when Jupiter will angle to Venus also in your 10 th.

Know that no matter what angle these two make — there is always a good outcome. Need help? A solution? A fresh approach? A romance that began between these two Moons could deepen now. Children, young people and relationships that could result in parenthood are also in focus. Venus is about to enter your 11 th on the 21 st. Usually this would place the emphasis on friendships rather than romance, but should you meet or be introduced to someone under this Moon — the power of love could rule.

The Sun arrives in your 12 th from the 20 th and on the 22 nd , meets Uranus in here for the first time in your lifetime. Not only is the cheese different to what you thought it was, it is in another place, from another galaxy or — gasp!

Determine this and also when it comes to partnerships, strike the balance between you and another when Mars in your 1 st opposes Ceres in your 7 th. Major changes with lasting impact are on their way from the final week of the month. Pluto retrogrades in its ruling 8 th from the 25 th. Pluto is in its power position here and becomes more potent when retrograde. Those negotiations may now proceed full throttle. Ensure you enter into any knowing the outcome you want however. Yes, be prepared to compromise but also know where you are prepared to do this and what areas you need to stand firm.

Know just what share of the cheese you are entitled to. Destiny plays a role as Saturn also in your 8 th slows to retrograde station and as it does opposes the North Node in your money and values house while conjunct the South. Reach for a new solution and again, if you need advice as to what this is, you have the contacts to mine for it.

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The people in your life are being locked in to play a pivotal role now. And the path you are on is being refined and is the one you are destined to walk. Be seen as someone who knows what they want, where they are going and what they stand for. In a nutshell: Prepare for a future like no other.

Destiny plays a role but really, it is yours to craft. Those you know have a pivotal role to play in its design. Make those connections, Gemini. Cloudy with a chance of confusion is your forecast as April begins, cancer. Before that occurs, be aware that Mercury in your 9 th may be headed direct but remains in retroshadow and gets shipwrecked by an encounter with Neptune in here on the 2 nd.

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This is your house of long distance travel and foreign affairs and with the ruler of this house, Jupiter, retrograde from the 11 th , sorry to say, this could leave you all at sea or washed up. If you are travelling — especially overseas, I would urge you to have Plans B thru to C, D, E or even F in place especially if your travel occurs mid-month.

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Also, check weather reports both at your point of departure as well as your destination. There is a real risk under these influences of floods, storms or phenomena which affect visibility — fog etc.

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With Jupiter retrograde revisiting places you have been in the past is favoured however — especially if this is work related. You are headed for a major decision which may involve a compromise in a few weeks and this could involve your work or even your wellbeing. Watch what this may involve especially around the 4 th when the Sun in your status sector opens doors for you will Ceres in your 6 th on the 4 th and a new Moon brings in a fresh career opportunity and a direction from the 5 th.

A break in the weather could occur on the 10 th when Venus and Neptune align in your 9 th. This is a voyage into the dreamtime. This is a real aspect of higher love, spiritual resonance and also inspired creativity. The realms of fantasy, storytelling and weaving a magical dream are yours to explore. As with all transits which involve Neptune, you need to ensure that you keep your feet on the ground no matter where you are being transported to.

If you are travelling, no matter how beautiful or mind-expanding your experience is, please remain aware of your surroundings, the people around you and where you are. Get to know the real them before going in deeper. Save yourself the freefall. Stay grounded. April brings you the ability to make future conscious decisions which add to both your prestige and your long term security.

Of all signs, you appreciate the emotional resonance and intuition a full Moon in its ruling house brings you. You had a taste of this four weeks ago. The question now is; are you prepared to follow through on what your intuition is telling you to do or go towards to ensure your future security?

What have you learned about this? This is the emotional story.

The worldly success story interweaves with this and is about to follow. As is a story concerning you and someone else. Your soul path and soul contracts form an integral part of your story — and your destiny. New people and radical ideas will feature as will a release into a world where all the previous rules get thrown out of the window as the Sun enters your 11 th from the 20 th and meets Uranus in this its ruling house, on the 22 nd.

This is the first time this has occurred during your adult lifetime. Watch who appears now as they have a major role to play in shaping the direction your life is heading. As well as influencing your beliefs around what you though it was possible for you to do or experience. All this occurs as Venus enhances your professional reputation and career outlook when it enters your 10 th from the 21 st.

Looking at where the power lies in both professional and personal relationships places you in a position where you need to stand by your ideas or your intentions when Mercury and Vesta meet in here on the 24 th. Pluto heads retrograde in here from the 25 th while Saturn is about to follow on the 30 th. Pluto becomes more powerful in retrograde phase so the capacity to bring changes in partnerships — both the professional and the personal variety, just increases.

The North Node, that spinning wheel of destiny, is in your 1 st house and as Saturn slows to a stop before heading backwards, it will oppose this while lying conjunct the South Node. This is all about who you are supposed to be with — or be free from. What double act is written in the book of destiny for you. Or you realise there is no future there and you walk away. Changes are that blue Moon alerted you to not just what you need, but what you need to do. That was your heart talking but now your head takes whatever action is necessary.

Between now and September singles could experience that fated encounter. You can let the right one in now whether this is your career decision or that person. In a nutshell: When it comes to love this April, destiny lets the right one in, Cancer. Fate is at work for all of us, but especially for you.