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In astrology, a cusp is the imaginary line that separates a pair of consecutive signs in the zodiac or houses in the horoscope. Because the solar disc has a.

What a wonderful feeling to see all your hard work paying off. In the realm of love and relationships, continue to build a strong foundation and support each other through thick and thin. The abundance you experience is not limited to your paycheque alone.

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The Universe reminds you in a multitude of ways that you are taken care of. Bask in the many pleasures, Virgo.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Your professional and creative life is where the magic is at this week. Your personal life, on the other hand, could challenge you in more ways than one.

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  4. Cosmic union is on the cards for you, especially if the Universe has kept you away from your other half. Let love be your preferred choice of drug in the days to come. If commitment is a priority, have the talk. Your special someone will be more than happy to co-write the script of that happily-ever-after. Let trust be your magic word.

    Virgo Week of February 25 through March 3, – Susyn Blair Hunt

    The week ahead looks especially promising for those in love. Have you erred in any way or shied away from giving your hundred per cent to this relationship? Now is the time to make amends and consciously build the foundation of the life you want to live together. Be the voice of justice, Sagittarius.

    Virgo weekly horoscope – February 25 12222

    Keep your conscience clear. Taking time off from the outside world is sure to help you find your inner balance. Everything you desire is on the other side of fear—that happily-ever-after too. Capricorn, you deserve the perfect romance. Do away with the blocks within and without, that are coming in the way of this sacred union. If you have been doing the work, this is a week of fruition, of taking pleasure in the life you have built together. The Universe promises to give you more than one reason to celebrate. Cosmic tip: Do away with the blocks within and without, that are coming in the way of this sacred union.

    The Law of Action states that when you take a step towards something you believe in, the Universe takes a bigger step in your direction. In other words, you are not in this alone.

    The mysterious forces above are working with you to make your big dreams come true. Your career is illuminated at the moment. Continue to direct your energy in the right direction and you will see tangible results. The only thing you want to be vary of is getting obsessed with wealth and material possessions. Let your inner world be just as abundant as your outer world. The world is your oyster—and literally so! The time to plan your next big adventure is now.

    Your career is also illuminated at the moment, given the steady progress. During the week, keep an eye out for home repairs, improvements, or innovations. The week will be conducive to work at home or on the farm if you own one. This will be an auspicious time to buy household items or tools important to your work. During the week you will have an engagement with a woman who will need advice or will want to spend some of her time with you. Do not delay a delicate conversation with a woman by waiting for a more favorable time as you will never have one.

    During the week, you will be annoyed by attempts to manipulate or cheat from colleagues, customers or neighbors who do not conceal their interests and goals. The week will be conducive to emotional experiences, especially where there is reciprocity in feelings and goals, rather than imposing solely on one's will and desires. During the week you will have an expectation for a phone call that will not disappoint you. Men will experience the inconvenience that will cause them a lie or a broken promise.

    Women will have pleasant moments with interesting people or loved ones. Virgo Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, If you were born under the sign of the Virgo, this will be a week in which the events of the life of your relatives will determine the course of events.

    Virgo Daily Horoscope

    Probably not everything will work out as you expect, but avoid being impatient, nervous, and losing control of your own reactions.